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Picture of the bow Tip, Tip Plate,Frog, Shaft,Winding wrap, Thumb leather, Screw, Ferrule.
Care of the Bow
General Maintenance
Instrument care
Wipe the shaft with a clean, lint-free cloth after each use to reduce the build-up of Rosen.

Polish the silver or gold with a lint-free cloth and silver, chrome, or similar polish to clean and bring up the luster of the metal winding, adjuster screw, and ferrule. Unscrewing the screw all the way will release the Frog. The silver on the Frog slide can be cleaned and polished as well. Cleaning can reduce the drag on the Frogs movement, allowing for greater ease of screw movement, and help reduce the wear and tear on the threads of the screw. Graphite can be applied to the screw and slide. Wipe again with a clean, lint-free cloth after polishing. And be aware of the polish in regards to the hair. It can stain the strands.

*Warning*  Be gentle with the spiral wrap and leather when cleaning.

The hair itself can be wiped down with denatured alcohol. This should be done sparingly. And care should be taken with the alcohol near the varnish of the stick, which can be adversely affected. Also, try to limit any liquids near the tip or the Frog. When setup, “If” glue has been used, and depending on the type, it may be released by various liquids, including water. The adhesive may have been used on either the tip plug and tip shoe, or frog plugs or wedges, and to hold on the Leather.

Reapply Rosen before the next usage.   If your rosen becomes hard, you can put a little alcohol in a closed container that is large enough to put the rosen in the inside with the lid on. But without the Rosen sitting in the Liquid. It doesn’t take much alcohol or very long for it to soften the outer part of the rosen.
*Warning*  If you leave the rosen in the Alcohol fumes for too long, it will melt away the block.

Please be aware that a Bow and all strung wood instruments are temperature sensitive. Keep out of direct sunlight for extended periods unattended. Also car interior can reach almost 200 degrees in the sun and can do great damage.

StrungWood Family Instruments Care

Stringed instruments should be wiped down after playing with a soft lint free cloth.  Bowed instruments end up coated in rosen and should be cleaned after each use.

An instrument polish can be applied to protect the finish. And remember heat and moisture fluctuations can be greatly detrimental.

Any liquids that get into bare wood or into the glued joints can cause damage to the instrument. Glue joints can be released by heat or liquids. When using any liquid product on the instrument, use it sparingly and damp not wet, on the rag. They can be repaired, but best to apply thoughtful prevention.

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