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Three Celli Below

Cello Close-up of Lower third of cello including bridge and tailpiece
Cello Left close up of lower third of Celloviolin.
Cello Close-up of right third of Cello.
Cello Close-up of upper body, lower fingerboard
Cello Close up of upper third right body
Left treble side of Cello
Cello Close-up, Upper right shoulder of body
Cello Close-up Sholder to bridge rright side.
Cello Closeup midsection of right side.
Cello Close-up Left lower showing old back side supported injury.
Cello Closeup of injury
Cello Left view scroll
cello right view of scroll
Celloviolin rear view of scroll
Cello Right upper sholulder
Cello Right side mid close-up
Cello Right lower close-up
Cello Bottom Close-up
Close-up of cello lower peg
Cello back
Top to bottom back side of cello
Item 1
Hear this instrument on YouTube.

1/2 size:
I don’t have the instruments pedigree, I believe it to be older than the 1950’s. I have possessed it for more than 15 years.
This cello I expect, should prove to be an investment as well as fine instrument to build technique on, bringing its history forward.

New Bridge
New Wittner Geared Adjustable Pegs (much more accessible to adjust the tuning than standard pegs and worth every penny)

New Jargar Strings
New Bridge
New Soundpost
Fresh Finish
Setup and adjusted.
All necessary repairs have been completed. (age has its wear, but also gains tonal colour)

40“ Length, Tip of scroll to body bottom
9.5”   Nut to Body
19”  Nut to End of fingerboard
25” Body Length
11” Across Upper Body
14” Across Lower Body
4“   Thick lip to lip

Smooth warm round tone.
Easy action.

Item 2
Hear this instrument on YouTube.

See measurements below

This cello has a lovely bright tone and good projection.

I believe it to be over 60 years old.
In my possession for nearly 2o years.
Completed restoration 2022
It has a bright tone and good projection.

13" Across the Upper
16" Across the Lower
5" Depth
48" Bottom to top of Scroll

Fingerboard (Carbon fiber)
    C, G Tungsten spiracore
    A, D Larsen Originals

Los Angeles
Asking 10,000.00
Cash only
Sorry, I don't take credit cards or checks.
If I were to ship this instrument, funds would have to clear prior
to shipping.
Item 3
Hear this instrument on YouTube.

About 15 years old. I bought the cello new, as a test case to see if I could get a good sound out of an inexpensive instrument. It is a fine beginner/intermediate cello.

In essence, this Cello is being given away, you are paying for the Pegs, Strings, and Setup.

See measurements below:
Completed Setup 2022.

13.5” Across the Upper.
17.5” Across the Lower.
11.25” Nut to Body
23.5” Nut to end of Fingerboard.
6.5” Deep at the Arches.
48.5” Bottom to top of Scroll.

Pegs (Geared)
    C Tungsten Spiracore,
    G Prastro Chromocar  
     A, D Larsen Originals

Los Angeles
Asking 1000.00
Cash only
Sorry, I don't take credit cards or checks.
If I were to ship this instrument, funds would have to clear prior
to shipping.

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